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How to Play Chess from Around the World

Click below, and step into a whole other world of chess…

chess temp

The chess of modern Europe. Now known throughout the world as the international chess.

courier chess temp

the expanded chess of medieval Europe, played on a board of 8 x 12 squares. 

Sittuyin temo

The chess of Burma (a.k.a. Myanmar). The unique chess of the ancient Burmese mountains.

Xìangqí temo

The chess of China. The most-played board game in the world.

shogi temo

the chess of Japan. The most complex of the major chess forms.

shatranj temo

The ancient chess, as it was played in Persia, Arabia and medieval Europe.

janggi temo

the chess of Korea. Related to the Chinese Xiangqi, but with many interesting differences.

makruk temo

the chess of Thailand and Cambodia. Still avidly played throughout Thailand, played in competition at a very high level

shatar temo

the chess of Mongolia. How it was played before the domination of the USSR.

Dou Shou Qi temo

a Chinese chess variant. Played throughout China, especially enjoyed by children.

luzhanqi temo

Another Chinese chess variant. Very popular in China, and similar to Stratego.

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