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Rule Booklets and Chess Art Prints

Free Rules Booklets and Art Prints
Download these booklets and artwork in PDF form, and print them on your own computer!

rules of several chess variants




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Chess (International Chess) Rules

Capablanca & the Knighted Variants

Sittuyin (Burmese Chess) Rules

Commander Chess (Cờ Tư Lệnh) Rules

Courier Chess (Ancient 12 x 8 chess) Rules

Go (the Ancient Chinese Wei Qi) Rules

Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Rules

Shogi (Japanese Chess) Rules

Shatranj (Ancient Chess) Rules

Janggi (Korean Chess) Rules

Makruk (Thai Chess) Rules

Shatar (Mongolian Chess) Rules

Dou Shou Qi (Chinese Animal Chess) Rules

Luzhanqi (Chinese Army Chess) Rules

1661 Pen and Ink Sketch
by Jan de Bray
Depicting a Courier Chess Set