These are downloads for chess booklets that have instructions for variations and games like chess in them.


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bookletChess (International Chess) Rules

Sittuyin (Burmese Chess) Rules

Courier Chess (Ancient 12 x 8 chess) Rules

Go (the Ancient Chinese Wei Qi) Rules

Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Rules

Shogi (Japanese Chess) Rules

Shatranj booklet (Ancient Chess) Rulesbooklet

Janggi (Korean Chess) Rules

Makruk (Thai Chess) Rules

Shatar (Mongolian Chess) Rules

Dou Shou Qi (Chinese Animal Chess) Rules

Luzhanqi (Chinese Army Chess) Rules



1508 The CheVan_Leyden_Painting_150ss Players Painting by Lucas van Leydenm  Depicting Courier Chess

Jan_de_Bray_1501661 Pen and Ink Sketch
by Jan de Bray Depicting a Courier Chess Set

News Articles

newsPresentation to Chess Collectors International 2009
Interview by Dr. René Gralla 2010
(English, Deutsch)

Courier Chess in Chess Collectors International 2009

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